Wednesday, May 26, 2010

longboards-simple color

there's something to be said for clean, basic color...there are times when economy says way more than those "try to top this" heroic efforts..just in one of those moods, ( keep it simple, stupid!)

imagine a small circular red decal in the target...clean...

the one in the foreground is a custom for wade dowling..the other is a stocker for sunrise surf shop. it'll be on the rack in a week...don't wait!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

lazor zap- 27 years after..

got ahold of a mccoy lazor zap from the early 80's...basically a version of what cheyne horan rode to victory in the '83 OP pro at huntington beach...made a rocker template and gave it to my best friend pete from charleston, sc...anyone that surfs the washout in folly beach knows pete kohn. he and his board building bud "grasshopper" hot-wired a nice 1.7# eps stringerless for me to build the replica.
i've always liked mccoys...actually missed them the first time around but devoted myself to and delved deeply into them starting in '89...19" tails and single fins..weird looks from do you keep that thing from spinning out? it's all RAIL and ZEN...if you've been there you know.
this keeper ended up as a thruster,( i'm cheating i know), but will be more forgiving in the long run and i'm not getting any younger ...53 years old on a 5'11"...whew..

for those of you new to the show...those mccoy "no-nose" outlines (as they were referred to then) were "sampled" by simon anderson during the incubation of the modern thruster..THIS IS WHERE IT ALL ceded where it's due....